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My world in paint

Gail has been a professional artist for 14 years and in that time has been in the fortunate position to have a full order book of commissions. However, in the last year, she has begun to feel the creative need to start producing more of her own work again in order to create a private collection with a view to exhibiting and competing. Her time is now split between the two, which makes for a very exciting and ever changing journey.

Over the years Gail has submitted her pieces for competition and was in the final 10 at Barcelona Global Art Awards in 2016 and announced a finalist in the 2018 Global Arts Awards in Dubai.

2020 was an exciting year as Gail took part in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year and exhibited at The Royal Society of British Artists 2020 annual exhibition. Shortly followed by the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition.

In 2021 the excitement continued with Gail being chosen once again by Sky Arts, but this time for Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2021.

Gail's painting titled: 'It's ok, you can let go of me now' was chosen for the British Art Prize competition and exhibition.

And her self portrait titled: 'No words' was chosen for the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2021 Short-listed Works.

In June this year Gail was asked to exhibit at The Society of Woman Artists 162nd Annual Exhibition 2023 the exhibition was a huge success and a joy to be a part of.

She has also been chosen for the Ruth Borchard self-portrait prize 2023 - Highly Commended Artworks.


It's been a very exciting year so far.

Her work can be viewed via apptment at her studio / gallery.

The back story..

From a young age, Gail was surrounded by the smell of oil paints, canvases of half-painted subjects and paint daubed cloths. Enough to spark the imagination of most children but for Gail, it was more than just playtime as both her mother and grandfather were talented artists who painted beautiful and captivating images. Gail’s grandfather’s astonishing talent for still life painting coupled with her mother’s instinctively detailed skill at painting wildlife and birds, in particular, influenced Gail’s early years and from watching the process of painting and her home being filled with stunning original art, her fascination began.


After school years full of outstanding artistic achievement and following in the footsteps of her mother, Gail studied at Berkshire College of Art and Design gaining distinction grades in life drawing and design. She then joined one of the UK’s largest design companies to become an exhibition design manager. “I felt so fortunate to leave college and be taken on by such an influential company. Although my own personal creative endeavours took a back seat during this time, having to work to such a high standard, with critical attention to detail meant new skills were learnt”


Tragically bereavement entered Gail's life having a shocking impact on herself and her family. It took a while to find peace again but painting enabled her to interpret real life in a new, sometimes painful way, capturing in her work the hope and the darkness that at times lives in the corners of all our worlds. ​

“The best part of my job is the people, like many artists I see something unique in all my clients, but going through a life-defining event myself I have found that I feel the energy and emotion from people is more magnified.” “Of course I couldn’t live without being able to express myself in paint, but it has always been the relationships that are gained through my work that I love the most and that helps me grow as an artist”. “The unveiling of a piece is exhilarating, watching clients’ faces as the fabric is dropped and the painting revealed, is truly wonderful, and I feel so lucky to have such a gift.”


Becoming a wife and a mother has brought Gail great joy and being surrounded by the love of her husband and beautiful children has in itself inspired her painting.
“I spend a lot of time contemplating and observing life and my surroundings and imagining it on canvas, in paint, how the texture could be achieved and how I could achieve the perfect tones and colours. Finding and capturing moments to preserve them for all time is what I dream about.”


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