Gail Davis is an up and coming acclaimed artist whose work has a global following. 

Mainly painting in oil on canvas. Gail is a versatile artist portraying subjects including land and seascapes; architecture; flora and fauna and portraits - including a modern interpretation of Renaissance style nudes. She produces compelling art that combines the reality of life's images, with her reflective and engaging view of the world. Gail is currently working on her ongoing commissioned portraiture and private collection.


Portrait collection.

Portraits to add the finishing touches to any interior design.


Example of personalised paintings

Further work by Gail Davis 

A collection of work dating from 2013 - 2019


Unleashed exhibition

Self-reflection - expression

Oil Gallery 

Bird portraits. 

Capturing movement, a small collection of bird studies.


Art class and vouchers 

Limited edition signed prints

Giclee prints are available for all uncommissioned artwork.